Yomiuri Translation

Yomiuri Weekly Periodical
“Invitation to Country Living”

February 16, 1992

Thomas Matsuda, Age 35
Location:  Oshika Village, Nagano Prefecture
Housing:  Rented house
Duration:  Six years

Mr. Matsuda is a third generation Japanese-American.  After Graduating from a university in New York, he did not take a steady job for long.  During that time, he lived with Native Americans, and truly learned the importance of nature and the environment.  Through introduction of a friend he became enamored with woodcarving and was captivated by this interest.  At about the same time; He came to Japan at age 26.

After studying woodcarving for two years with a sculptor in Kyoto, he went to Oshika Village six years ago.  Cultivating an acre of land, he supplies everything for himself.  He installed a water pipe too.  He cuts his own firewood.  There are three people living together, his wife (35) and five year old son.

Picture Captions:
Top:  Father and son peacefully playing in the mountainous region.
Middle:  Inside the house, he is starting a fire using a bamboo blow tube.