Enso & Shiva’s Cosmic Dance

Earth, Fire, Air, Water, Space.  20’ diameter circle.
Revisited. Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition. Forest Hills Park. Boston, MA.  2004
The Triveni Dance Ensemble, conducted by Neena Gulati with musicians perform Shiva’s Cosmic dance, ” Natraja the Lord of Dance performs his Cosmic Dance in the Golden Hall. His 3rd eye blazes w/ the fire of destruction, Ganges flows thru his matted locks, In the 3 worlds Evil is eliminated by Him. The dance concludes with the Navrasa wherein Shiva demonstrates the 9 human emotions -love, compassion, valor/ amazement, humor, fear disgust anger & peace. Wood branches were lit on fire, water was poured on the circle of fire to create steam, spectators participated planting flowers in the charred ashes. Circle is exhibited through the summer exhibition.