Arsenal Center for the Arts – Cluster Flowers

Wood, Fire, Earth, Air, Flowers.
A burned wood sphere has a meandering line of bricks leading to it. Marigolds are scattered around the sphere. The burnt sphere represents a bomb or the earth, the bricks a fuse. The Watertown Arsenal was an immense brick military munitions and research facility with its own nuclear power plant. It is now a center for shopping, dining, and the arts. The flowers represent the transformation of the weapons complex, cluster bomblets, and the children and people that have died from them. The flowers were planted on either side of a walkway.  Viewers and passers-by could feel what it is like to have unexploded cluster bomblets around them.

Nature and Balance, An Outdoor Exhibition of Public Art on the grounds of the Arsenal on the Charles. June 22 – October 19, 2008. Arsenal Center for the Arts. Watertown, MA.
ARTSCOPE Magazine. Roanna E. Forman Sept/Oct 2008 p26,7